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Demi's Ruff Trails, Happy Tails

Gina and I (who is still up for adoption!) hiking

The summer has come to an end, but the journey lives on. After hiking 1,000 miles and having to make the tough decision to get off trail from an injury, I am so happy for what I accomplished. Not only did I travel by foot through the desert, up mountains, and over bridges, but I did it for a great cause! It was a joy to bring Gina with me on my last leg of the trail through Castle Crags and she sure was a real trooper! Continue to follow me as I pay a visit to the Best Friends Kanab Sanctuary and continue my trek over the next couple summers.


Hi ya'll!

My name is Demi and in April 2016, I set out on a trek of 2660 miles, from the Mexican Border to the Canadian Border along the Pacific Crest Trail. I am not just be hiking the trail for myself, but am fundraising for Best Friends and other local shelters as well as promoting pet rescue and getting outdoors with our furry friends. I teamed up with local shelters and communities to host local day hikes, overnights, and other events with folks and their furry friends (adopted, rescued, fosterd, and all)!

So far along my journey, I have been a part of 5 great events and opportunities with communities along the trail and shelters. This has included day hikes and a BBQ with Evan (the Newfoundland Mix), Living Free, ARF of Idyllwild, Souza Family Vineyard, Lake Tahoe Humane Society, and Gina (the Terrier Mix), and Rescue Ranch!

Unfortunelty, walking 1000 miles took a toll on my already weak hip, and I was forced to make the difiult decision to get off trail to nurse my injury. Not to give up, I still spent this time visiting the local shelters in Grass Valley, CA, hiking with my dad's neighbor and pups, and crossing my fingers I would heal up and get back on trail. Sadly, I was ultimately not able to continue to trek to Canda. However, I am still pursuing my mission! In October, I hope to visit the Kanab Sanctuary, I will contiue to promopte adopting vs shopping and bringing our furry friends on adventures. I also plan to one day finish all 2660 miles and continue to fundraise for Best Friends over the next few summers. Not to be too sad - this just means I get to extend my efforts and meet even more awesome people and pups.

I hope to raise at least $4 for every mile of the trail - please help me reach and surpass this goal - or at least hike a mile of the trail with me :)

So far I am on path to reach my goal, but I'd love for your to support to push me towards my ultimate achievement!

Follow my journey on my blog! And look out for when I may be near you (CA, OR, WA)...I will continue to post periodically as I anxiously await for the time I can return to the PCT.

I have bandanas and shirts for sale - proceeds going to the shelters! :) I will be selling shirts through Bonfire, with the final sale coming soon! Please visit my fund page, and select "I would buy this" to get notified for their sale!

Also follow my facebook page: www.facebook.com/rufftrails

And like I mentioned, I am not done. I will just have more opportunities to meet more amazing people, deserving dogs, generous organizations, and passionate shelters as I continue to hike the PCT, explore trails, and advocate for rescued animals. - STAY TUNED & Thanks for your support!


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