Meet your new sponsored animal, Blackjack!

"Give me an order of socks, covered in salt, please. And maybe a side of shredded towels with some ketchup for dipping." For Black Jack the cat, no meal is complete without a helping of fiber. Cotton and polyester fiber, that is. He is a clothes junkie, eating strips of towel or shirt or whatever he can get his paws on. The problem, though, is that his habit was making him sick. His family tried to keep Jack healthy, but he would find and eat enough cloth to be sick on a regular basis. (It's hard to keep a cat away from something that's located throughout the house.) In fact, at one point it seemed Jack would require surgery. Thank goodness things didn't quite go that far, but his family decided they couldn't keep up with his antics. So Jack lost his home. But, fortunately, he was able to come to Best Friends.

Hard to say why he developed such an unusual culinary palate. In fact, Jack growled at his food bowl the first day at the sanctuary. "What is THIS?! You expect me to eat that?" Sorry, Jack. Until someone finds a nutritional and toothsome way to filet and serve a slightly used T-shirt, you'll have to stick with boring cat food. He'll have plenty of care and attention, though, and lots of TLC. Maybe one day he'll finally 'fess up and explain what the deal is with the clothes-munching. In the meantime, swing by and say hello' to Jack. Just don't wear any loose-fitting attire or your designer shirt could end up slathered in mustard between two slices of rye bread.

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Created by Lisa Perry

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